FAQ for Gupta Travels - The Hassle-Free Car Rental Services for 30 Years

Gupta Travels is a car rental service provider that has been operating for 30 years, offering hassle-free car rental services to customers.

Gupta Travels offers a wide range of vehicles for rental, including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, luxury cars, and buses. They have options suitable for various travel needs and group sizes.

The rental rates at Gupta Travels may vary depending on the type of vehicle, rental duration, and other factors. It’s best to check their website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date and accurate rental rates.

Making a reservation with Gupta Travels is easy. You can book online through their website, or you can call their customer service to make a reservation over the phone. They also have physical rental offices where you can visit and make a reservation in person

To rent a car from Gupta Travels, you typically need to provide a valid driver’s license, a proof of identification (such as passport or Aadhaar card), and a valid credit/debit card for payment and security deposit purposes. Additional documents may be required depending on the specific rental requirements.

Yes, Gupta Travels usually has minimum age requirements for renting a car. The minimum age to rent a car is typically 21 years, and some luxury or specialty vehicles may have higher age requirements. There may also be additional charges or restrictions for drivers under 25 years of age. It’s best to check their rental policies for details.

Gupta Travels usually accepts payment through credit/debit cards, cash, or online transfers. They also require a security deposit at the time of rental, which is refunded upon returning the vehicle in good condition. The deposit amount may vary depending on the type of vehicle and rental duration.

Yes, Gupta Travels typically offers basic insurance coverage for their rental vehicles, which may include third-party liability coverage. However, it’s important to note that the coverage may vary, and additional insurance options may be available at an extra cost. It’s recommended to review the insurance coverage details with Gupta Travels before renting a vehicle.

Yes, Gupta Travels may offer one-way rental options, allowing you to pick up the vehicle at one location and drop it off at a different location, depending on their policies and availability. Additional charges may apply for one-way rentals, and it’s best to check with Gupta Travels for details.

Gupta Travels usually provides 24/7 roadside assistance for their rental vehicles in case of a breakdown or emergency. They will typically provide assistance to get the vehicle repaired or replaced, depending on the situation. It’s important to contact their customer service immediately in case of any issues during the rental period.

Gupta Travels’ cancellation and refund policy may vary depending on the specific rental reservation and duration. It’s recommended to review their cancellation and refund policy at the time of booking. Generally, cancellations made within